Have To Shop For Kids? Our Guide Will Give You Cool Aunt Or Uncle Cred

12.14.17 1 year ago


You may know what to get your significant others, your parents, and your siblings. You may know what to get your coworker in the mandatory workplace Secret Santa. You may know what to get your best friend the stoner and your cousin the home bartender. But uh, hey… what the heck do you buy for kids? Maybe you got a brand new niece or nephew this year, or maybe you have to get something for your fiance’s teenage sister. It’s tough out here, in a post Toys-R-Us world.

Once again, we’re here to remedy your issue. That’s why we put together the ultimate guide to buying gifts for kids this year. Children are the ultimate Christmas consumers — er, the ultimate Christmas miracles — after all.

So go ahead, check out our gift guide. You’ll be the cool aunt, uncle, grown-up friend, or parent this year… and psst: you might secretly want to snag one of these for yourself. The holiday season can really bring out your inner child, you might as well embrace it.



Without a single doubt, this is the present of the year for kids around ages 5-12. Don’t make the mistake of picking up a Hatchimal because you see one on sale: FINGERLINGS are what the kids want. And even if someone else gives them a Fingerling, you can still be assured that yours is probably a different animal or or a different color or something, because guess what? These little guys can interact with each other if the child has more than one of them. It’s basically like a mix of a Furby and a Tamagotchi, one that hangs out on your finger and blows kisses, climbs, blinks, and can be put to sleep with petting. (Same, tbh.)

Friendship @ your fingertips, promises Fingerlings. For the kid that could be content to amuse themselves for hours with an interactive toy, get a Fingerling.

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