These Bottles Of Booze Will Make Your Holiday Shopping Very Bearable

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Cyber Monday is upon us. Let us all give thanks for discount electronics and beer bottle brushes. Really, Amazon, 52 percent off bottle cleaning supplies? Well, Merry Freaking Christmas. But, though we have survived Black Friday and Small Business Saturday (and will assuredly make it through today), we are just at the beginning of the gift buying process. There are weeks of this commerce yet to come.

We here at Uproxx Life think a little liquor can take the edge off the experience. We don’t want to encourage you to be the holiday weekend host who gets plastered, hides in the bathroom, and tearfully tells his mother to send all of their guests away because they have gotten too drunk (like I might have done one Christmas). Nor should you buy all your gifts in a blackout, because receiving surprise box after surprise box when you have to pay for them isn’t much fun. We, instead, want you to imbibe responsibly.

Consume enough to take the edge off of December shopping, and stick to spirits that enhance green and red iced cookies and homemade candies. That said, someone has to be the designated holiday drunk, so… do what feels right. Like a Saint Bernard with a barrel of liquor around it’s neck, we are here to save you this winter with our list of ten spirits that will improve any gift purchasing endeavor. Check out our ideas, and leave some of your own recommendations in the comment section.

Tequila: Olmeca Altos

【新入荷!】 オルメカ・アルトス・テキーラ(プラタ&レポサド) 京都四条木屋町ではテキーラといえば「オルメカ」と言われるほど有名なブランド。 世界的な流れでもミクストテキーラからブルーアガベ100%テキーラにシフトしつつある中、オルメカも満を持してブルーアガベ100%テキーラを発売しました。 2009年の発売以来、アメリカでは爆発的ヒットを飛ばしているそうです。 カクテルベースにもピッタリなオルメカ・アルトス。 さてさてどう料理しようかな? 本日も皆様のご来店心よりお待ちしております。 #okagebar #gotanda #tokyo #japan #tequila #maestro #mezcal #mezcalero #bar #salud #cheers #welcome #newarrival #recommended #olmecaaltos #plata #reposado #五反田 #テキーラ #メスカル

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Tequila is a summer standard, and that means a lot of people miss out by ignoring its value in the colder months of the year. Even when there is a chill in the air and leaves on the ground, you can get your tequila on. And, though you can opt to do the salt, lime, body-shot crap, we aren’t talking about that any more than we are talking blended margs loaded with sugar.

Instead, we recommend using Altos plata, reposado, or anejo in ways that let you appreciate how freaking tasty they are. Don’t hide them. Don’t chug them. The Altos plata is sweet and citric, with a fruity aroma. It functions as a classic that is great in a well-made margarita. The reposada is aged in former whiskey barrels giving it woody and vanilla notes and making it fantastic in a modified old fashioned (and what’s more fall than that?). And, the anejo is a great competitor for bourbon because it is aged in oak for 18 months, leaving it with notes of wood and vanilla, as well as chocolate flavors; it’s perfect in a Manhattan. Pairing tequila with savory winter stews and casseroles is something worth exploring if you are a fan.

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