Chase Down These Awesome New Beers This November

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11.02.17 9 Comments


It’s November. We know, we know — where’d 2017 go? Well, here we are. The year is officially winding down, rocketing toward the holiday season, with the weather growing colder and colder and indoor bacchanalia seeing an uptick. There’ll be a lot of holiday parties, quiet nights binging on Netflix, and plenty of football watching on the horizon over the next month. And you’ll need a great beer to go along with all of it.

November is the month when winter ales dominate. It’s also when craft brewers drop their barrel-aged stout masterpieces on the masses. We’ve already mentioned Goose Island’s Black Friday roll out of their Bourbon County line. Don’t forget to check out ‘Stranger Things’ Chief Hopper from Short’s Brewing Company if you’re up in Michigan. And we’ve also got some great microbrew tips from our neighbors to the north around Calgary way. There’s a lot of good beer to drink right now!

Below, we’ve compiled a shortlist of some of the best beers being released this November. Some of them are easier to find and have larger distribution; some of them you’ll have to travel for and do a bit of sleuthing to uncover. A good beer is always worth the effort! Happy hunting!


Colorado’s Upslope is the beer brewer’s brewery. Their beers always hit that sweet spot between well-crafted, interesting, and drinkable. Upslope’s releasing their Christmas Ale right now. So there’s no better time to stock up.

The beer is a yeasty ale that’s been infused with “holiday spices.” That spice matrix adds an earthy undertone that elevates the dark fruity notes and sweet malts. This isn’t a hop-forward ale, so look for smooth drinking and very little bitterness. It’s like they bottled the feeling of tramping through thick snow to arrive at a cabin with a crackling fire.

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