Here Are The Smoothest Pickup Lines Bartenders Have Ever Seen Actually Work

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Pick-up lines: They’re terrible. And if you’re someone who’s been out in the dating world at all, you’ve either cringed your way through one as it was used on you or (worse) actually used one in a misguided attempt to get someone’s attention — because “hi” never works, right? But are there pick-up lines that actually serve their purpose? Is asking someone if they’re from Tennessee because “you’re the only ten I see” a valid way to meet your life partner (or just a one-night stand)?

A recent post on Reddit suggests that sometimes, just sometimes, a good pick-up line can indeed work. The thread, posted by someone wanting to know the “smoothest move someone’s ever put on the opposite sex” ask for bartenders (who overhear more of our shoddy pick-up lines than any of us would dare admit) to come forward. The answers were actually pretty informative.

Here’s a smooth move from a woman that a guy was trying to pick up:

…as I was bartending I heard one guy say “I’d never forgive myself if I didn’t ask for your number”, and the girl said “sure. Want it now or tomorrow morning?” He looked at me bewildered. I nodded him on. Smoove move girl.

Sometimes, you don’t even need to speak:

I work a pretty nice, tropical mixology bar. One night we had “casual night” so to speak. So instead of my usual button-up shirt i wore sleeveless tank that said “sleeping with the bartender won’t get you free drinks, but it’s worth a shot. ” saw it online and I printed 3 (one for me, two for my fellow bartenders). I did it cus i thought i’d be funny. Well, shit, it worked. Not only did we get a stupidly high amount of tips (like 200 bucks each) but we all went home with a girl that night.

And sometimes it helps to be a knight in shining armor (with a beer):

So there is this beautiful chick, and this dude is trying to talk to her and clearly she is not into it. So my buddy buys two beers and walks right up to her and sits down and says “Hey babe, I got you a beer.” I saw the words come out of his mouth from across the noisy bar…and there was a split second moment of suspense. She immediately grabbed him by the arm and replied “thanks babe”. I was utterly shocked that it worked.

Or use a move from the very classic Hitch:

I wait for someone else to walk up to a girl and if they seem rather uncomfortable talking to them I’ll walk up and say “hey babe sorry I’m late” the guy will walk away and the girls are usually amazed at the confidence. I would like to thank Will Smith in Hitch for that one.

And sometimes some bold honesty will get you everywhere:

Not a bartender but the smoothest move I’ve ever witnessed was a guy we were out with walked up to this stunning girl in a nightclub (the sort that even the most trying of guys didn’t bother with because she had “high-maintenance and WAY out of your league” stamped all over her) and went: “Not looking for a relationship, just casual sex, fancy coming back with me tonight?”. He was confident, and cocky, but certainly not the best looking lad in the world. She looked him up and down, chuckled, and went “alright”. That was the last we saw of him that evening. Group of about twenty guys left speechless after it happened.

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