Famous Chefs Tell Us Where They Had The Best Pie Of Their Lives

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Because people are not happy unless they are pitting two beloved items against one another and forcing others to make a choice, the cake v. pie debate has been waged ardently across internet platforms. It hasn’t exactly torn families apart, but it does make you look askance at someone you thought you knew… before they revealed their ugly little preference. Clearly, pie is the winner. Shut up. It is. Pie is the dessert of the people. It is humble. It is a celebration of essentials, rather than some exercise in frippery. It is steeped in tradition. Above all, it’s delicious. If you don’t like a perfectly flaky crust, you are a monster.

When pie is good, it is an orgastic moment in a relatively humdrum timeline of eating. You will remember wolfing down a good piece of pie. When we asked some well-respected chefs about the best pie they have ever eaten, it didn’t take them long to recall those memories at all. They were on it! And, they aren’t all fruit pies, which will cheer those of you who perversely insist that fruit soaked in sugar isn’t dessert. Even the most ardent of cake fans among out readers will feel a mounting craving for a good old slice of heaven when reading through these responses.

Restaurant Marin (Costa Mesa, CA)

Chef Mark McDonald — Executive Chef and Owner, Old Vine Cafe

Old Vine Cafe

Restaurant Marin in Costa Mesa, CA would have to be my latest spot for pie. Their cakes are pretty awesome too!

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