Picking The Best Portable Vaporizers On The Market

03.14.18 9 months ago


Cannabis is awesome. Now, that doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. We aren’t zealots who accost you at parties and argue that “you just haven’t had the right strain” when you tell us you aren’t into weed. But, if you enjoy using it, we think you will agree that good weed can absolutely be awesome (even if they banned it at Coachella).

What is not awesome is smoking, which is why alternative methods of using cannabis — like vaping — have grown so popular. A vaporizer simply heats your flower or concentrate, and all the active ingredients are released into the air in a fine mist. No combustion means no smoke, which is good because there are over 100 toxins and compounds in cannabis smoke.

The only trouble? Figuring out what kind of vaporizer to buy can be tricky because they are often quite expensive, so you can’t afford a do-over. That’s why we gathered up ten portable vaporizers and got to work — the work of getting flipping high. It’s a rough job, but we really want to support you. To make things fair, we used the same flower and concentrates for every trial. Lovena Green Farms is a great grower out of Oregon and we loved testing with their Blueberry Blast, to maximize our chances of finding a vape that carries good flavor. For our concentrates, we stuck with a Gorilla Glue strain from Cannabis NW. If you have access to these options, they make a great tasting vape experience.

What follows is our power ranking. You will notice some herb only vaporizers, some concentrate only ones, and some hybrids. We got a varied group together. Check it out and let us know in the comments what your fave portable vape products are.

Exxus GO

This concentrate vaporizer is marketed as something to take with you (thus the name GO), but the construction of it makes that seem fairly impossible, because of the quartz glass mouthpiece and the rounded bottom of the base. You literally need the charging stand to keep it upright when you aren’t using it, and the glass is bound to shatter. Hell, even in reviewing it there was glass breakage that required purchasing a new mouthpiece. Maybe if you are gentle and have a deft touch, you can wrestle it without dire consequences, but mishaps are probable. So, popping it in a pocket or throwing it in a backpack seems unrealistic.

This is a real basic vaporizer with a power button alone. There are no other heating options. It’s hot or not. That is a little irritating, but the heat is designed to be ideal for waxy concentrate and for the longevity of the coil, so it’s not egregious. The real issue is that the vapor isn’t yum. It’s pretty harsh at the chosen temperature for casual users and there is a chemical taste to it. If you need things smooth, this isn’t for you. You can get some big ass clouds off of it, but they come at a price.

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