The Best Science Podcasts To Listen To Right Now

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01.10.18 4 Comments


Every day, we’re learning more about the world around us, the world inside us, and the world beyond. But who will make sense of it all? Who will explain how it affects us? Scientists.

They’re the thought leaders who will help us push society forward and, more than ever, they’re sharing their knowledge with the rest of us in creative ways. These days, there are plenty of great science podcasts, from explorations of climate change to fun stories of what lurks in our guts.

Here are our favorites:



With the tagline “Exploring the choices we make in a world we’ve changed,” Terrestrial sounds a bit heavy. But the podcast, anchored by KUOW’s Ashley Ahearn, explores the topic of climate change through dozens of perspectives — from the medical to the social — and often finds both common ground and the fault lines between society and our effect on the wider world.

Best Episode: “Protest Is Broken”, which follows a former protester as he runs for local office and what challenges he surmounts, and stumbles over, leading a firebrand campaign.

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