Walmart Revealed The Top-Selling Items In Each State, And We’re Still Trying To Make Sense Of Them

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01.04.18 27 Comments


We love data. Seriously, wave a list of the most popular candy by state in front of us, and we are salivating and doing a full “Gimee, Gimee” dance. So, regardless of our personal positions on mega-retailer Walmart, when they dropped info about the top seller in each state in the nation, the entire Life section wanted to know what item was a rollback king.

The sheer size of the Walmart chain (over 4,700 stores in the U.S.) means that they have access to a pretty representational sample size, so what the freak is up with these results? Like it makes complete sense that Californians are buying protein powder in bulk, Arkansans are loading up on RV and marine antifreeze, Oklahomans are getting flavorful with barbeque sauce, and Iowans are using crystals to soften their water in large numbers. These aren’t a reach to understand, but some of the others are legit puzzling.

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