All The Food Deals To Make Your Super Bowl LIII Party Epic [UPDATED]

02.03.19 5 months ago

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This Sunday is Super Bowl LIII. Even if you could care less about football, you probably already know this and are likely attending or throwing your own party. Whether you watch the Super Bowl for the game, the ads, or just as a reason to get drunk with your friends, you’re going to have to eat. So we’ve collected food deals far and wide in order to help you save on Sunday’s festivities.

Some deals are special Super Bowl promotions and some are simply too great not to include. Either way, you’ll be sure to be well supplied this Sunday while you either watch or talk over the game. Probably the latter. Here are the best food deals for this Sunday’s Super Bowl LIII.

Applebees – Not having or attending a party this year? Applebee’s has got your back. For 14.99 grab unlimited riblets, tenders, and shrimp and watch the game from the restaurant bar. Unlimited food helps when you are stress eating. Or hurts, depending on how you look at life.

Blaze Pizza – When ordering online get two pepperoni pizzas for just $10. Perfect if you’re keeping things small this weekend.

Black Angus Steakhouse – Fill up on a Steakhouse Bacon Cheeseburger, fries, and a 16 oz Bud Light for just $10.99 and enjoy all-day happy hour from the bar where you can watch the game!

Boston Market – If you order online or through the app, you’ll receive free delivery for an order of $7 or more. If you decide to go big by having Boston Market cater, you’ll also receive free delivery so long as you spend over $60 with this coupon.

Buffalo Wild Wings -If the game goes into OT you can grab free snack-sized wings from 4-7 p.m. on February 18th. Why on February 18th and not closer to game day? We. Have. No. Idea. But hey, free wings! While it won’t help you to have an epic super bowl party, serving IOUs might be a funny joke. Or an annoying one.

Burger King – This is an interesting deal if you plan on dropping more than $10 on Burger King. When ordering through DoorDash you’ll score free food delivery and when you enter the promo code MYSTERYBOX you’ll get a surprise box to be opened during the Super Bowl. What is it? We want to know!

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