The Best Travel Shows To Feed Your Wanderlust, According to the Masses

best travel tv shows

A good travel show should entice you to venture out into the wide world — tantalizing you with far-flung locales, fascinating characters, and food that’s sure to blow your mind. A great travel show will offer a call to adventure you can’t deny — like a bellowing foghorn in the misty night. They get you on the road and lead you to experiences that you’ll carry with you for the rest of your life.

But what is the best show? Which special few will both get you out the door and actually help you when you’re traipsing across the open horizons? Over at Ranker, they set out to answer just that. They asked their readers to vote for the best TV travel shows of all time. A top ten emerged and even though Anthony Bourdain dominated, there are some absolute classics in the mix.

Let’s dive in!