The Best Travel-Worthy Music Festivals You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

04.03.19 5 months ago

Charles Thorp

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There are few summer activities with more potential for fun than an outdoor music festival. Warm weather, good beats, beautiful people — it’s a sure-fire recipe for a good time. The problem is when a really good festival comes around, word travels fast. That causes attendance to skyrocket year after year, leaving many of these events overcrowded. Suddenly, your blissful auditory escape has become a Mad Max-level fight for survival — throwing fists to score a food truck taco and collecting dewdrops off of discarded artist passes to quench your thirst.

Nobody said Coachella. Did you just think Coachella?

The good news is there are still a few gatherings that have managed to combine both immersive experiences and proper support facilities. Whether it’s because they’re well-kept secrets or just operated by pros, we don’t know. Nor do we care. The fact is that it’s unlikely they will remain this smoothly run forever, so you should probably check them out as soon as possible.

Not only have we listed them out for you here, but we’ve also set you up with some transportation and lodging advice. No excuses. This is the year to hit a lesser-known music fest.

Hangout Music Festival — Gulf Shores, Alabama

Dates: May 16 – 19, 2019

The Download: Hey, quick question. Do you happen to be a person who likes to hear epic guitar riffs while looking out onto a beautiful, turquoise sea? Yeah, we thought so. Hangout Music Fest has killer acts like Jimmy Eat World and Hozier and you listen to them all while you enjoy some beachside cocktails on the white-sand shores of the Gulf of Mexico.

It’s like all the best parts of spraaaaaaang breakkkkkk in one epic weekend.

The Arrangements: The closest airport is Pensacola International Airport, so there aren’t too many nonstop options, but the extra travel is worth it.

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