Brewers Tell Us The Best Wheat Beers They Don’t Make Themselves

05.16.19 3 months ago

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The time is right to grab a six-pack of your favorite hefeweizen. Find a nice adirondack chair to sit in and just watch the world fly by as you sip on the magical goodness of a wheat beer. Maybe you like a classic, German Weissbier or perhaps you enjoy a Blue Moon or a UFO White with an orange slice (we don’t judge). All that matters is that you shelf that Bourbon County Stout until next fall and enjoy some wheat beers this spring and summer.

Wheat beers, like classic pilsners, are a favorite style of brewers. This is because this traditional style of beer has been produced for centuries. It’s timeworn and well established. The oldest brewery in the world (Weihenstephaner established in 1020) is well-known for its weissbier and the new kids are sure to have one or two on tap too.

Respect for the style led us to ask some of our favorite brewers which wheat beers they love best (and don’t make themselves). Check their answers out and spend your summer drinking these cloudy, yeasty brews.

New Glarus Dancing Man Wheat

New Glarus

Ross Koenigs, research & development brewer at New Belgium Brewing

“I’d have to go back to my Wisconsin roots and say Dancing Man Wheat from New Glarus. Dan Carey is such a great brewer of classic German styles of beer… it’s one of the best you can get stateside.”

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