The Airlines And Airports Most Likely To Delay Or Cancel Your Flights

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Being delayed is one of the many things people absolutely hate about airports. Every traveler shudders at the thought of their flight getting stuck on the ground due to weather (at its departure airport, arrival airport, or any of the airports where the plane recently touched down), mechanical problems, or computer errors. While airlines grow profits on the backs of fees and planes rushed to market, travelers have begun to view them as less reliable than city buses.

Every year, global travel data provider OAG releases an annual ranking of airlines with the best and worst on-time performance — which they call OTP. They also designate certain airlines “Punctuality League” members (exactly what it sounds like). OAG’s most recent data covers June of 2018 to May of 2019, giving us a pretty good handle on what the best and worst airlines are in terms of on-time flight performance.

For your convenience, we’ve filtered out OAG’s data that applies to carriers operating mostly outside of the U.S. and collected the best and worst major American carriers for on-time flight performance. To find out how the rest of the world stacks up, check OAG’s full ranking.

The Most On-Time US Carriers

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5. Cape Air — 79.9% of 10,192 flights arrive/depart on time.
4. Spirit Airlines — 80.4% of 17,203 flights arrive/depart on time.
3. Alaska Airlines — 80.7% of 38,083 flights arrive/depart on time.
2. Delta Airlines — 83.4% of 160,423 flights arrive/depart on time.
1. Hawaiian Airlines — 87.8% of 8,321 flights arrive/depart on time.