Meet Betty, The Chicken Who Is Running An Australian Restaurant’s Twitter Feed

An Australian fast-food chain specializing in rotisserie and fried chicken called Chicken Treat has enlisted the help of a plucky hen named Betty to run their Twitter account. Of course, the whole thing is a marketing stunt but an effective one that has got my attention because TWEETING CHICKEN. Since Oct. 7, Betty has had a computer placed in her coop, where she tweets to her little chicken heart’s content. Since Betty is a chicken and therefore does not understand the English language or know how to type words, so far her tweets have been strings of nonsensical characters.

On that note, here is some of Betty’s finest handiwork:

If and when Betty finally manages to type an actual five-letter word in English, she will be submitted to the Guinness Book of World Records for the first ever tweeting chicken and, I assume, made into one of Chicken Treat’s finest sandwiches. It’s what Betty would want.

(Via Time)