Check Out The $10,000 Per Night Airbnb That Beyoncé Stayed At After The Super Bowl

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The Broncos came out on top in the game last night but we all know who the real winner was.

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Say what you will about her contribution to last night’s halftime show, but Beyoncé had herself an evening. Today, people are geeking out on behind-the-scenes images from her Instagram — with widespread agreement that Queen Bey dropped straight fire. Fire so hot, in fact, that she could shamelessly retire to a $10,000 a night Airbnb in Los Altos Hills, Calif.

The residence is listed as a “Contemporary Masterpiece” and has everything you (or a Super Bowl-show-stealing megastar) could ask for. Specifically: five private suites, fitness center, infinity pool, spa, outdoor fire pit, game room with full bar and pool table, as well as a formal dining room that seats 16. All just a quick 45-minute drive from Levi’s Stadium.

In case the Studio Becker-designed kitchen, 60 fruit trees, and rooftop vegetable garden weren’t in line with Beyoncé’s breakfast plans, the nearest Red Lobster was just 30 minutes away.