‘Big Blue Live’ And Its Sea Otter Reality Show Are Taking Over The Internet

If you’re trying to avoid being basic, but there’s something about reality TV that you like, PBS and BBC have something that might interest you, especially if you have a weakness for sea otters. You might have heard about the network’s three-part series Big Blue Live, which, through live observations, examines aquatic life at California’s Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, because it’s been blowing up all over the place on social media.

What’s the big appeal? For one thing, the ecosystem off the coast of California has undergone an amazing transformation over the last three decades. After a rough period, the region now hosts thriving animal life that serve as the subjects of every episode: humpback whales, sea lions, and sea otters. And, as this BBC presenter demonstrated when he freaked out upon seeing another kind of whale, a blue whale, people of all ages, from little kids to grown-ass adults, love ocean life. Like, a lot.

But mostly, who doesn’t want to watch otters doing otter things? Whales and sea lions are awesome, but otters are special. They are adorable, they have cute faces, they have funny little hands and float around on their backs like super laid-back gangsters… Big Blue Live has otters for you. Like, just for you.

(Via Gizmodo)