A Brazilian Ad Agency Has Created A Sweaty Billboard To Catch Mosquitoes

The Zika virus is not a joking matter. It causes birth defects, brain disorders, and it’s disrupting Brazilian tourism which is horrible considering the country is hosting the Summer Olympics in a few months, but there are folks out there coming up with creative ways to speak out about the disease.

A Brazilian-based ad agency not only wants to spread the word about the Zika virus, but they’re actually trying to prevent the disease by getting rid of the source. Billboards created by NBS agency have specially designed panels inside of them which attract Aedes Aegypti; the notorious Zika carrying mosquitoes. The panels produce lactic acid and carbon dioxide to replicate a human sweating and breathing. The billboards translated from Portuguese read: “This billboard kills hundreds of Zika mosquitoes everyday.” The high tech ads trap the mosquitoes and they die of dehydration.

NBS has implemented the billboards in Brazilian neighborhoods that have seen large numbers of Zika, Dengue, and Chikungunya outbreaks. Curious about how NBS made this mosquito killer billboard or you want to build your own mini version to combat mosquitoes while you’re sitting out on your porch this summer? All details and blueprints are available to download for free under a Creative Commons license at

(Via: Ad Week)