Goodbye Rainbow Doughnuts, Birthday Cake Croissants Are Here To Take Over

Guys, guys, guys. Rainbow food? Pack up your food trucks, because it’s over. The newest sexy food trend in town is birthday cake-flavored everything. At least, we hope it is, if the newest pastry creation by chef Thiago Silva (not to be confused with UFC fighter Thiago Silva, though maybe he can bake, too) catches on.

First teased three weeks ago on Silva’s Instagram page, the Birthday Cake Croissant is made up of a dough with sprinkles mixed into it, with a center of what looks to be a creamy, funfetti-flavored filling. According to Food Beast, the pastry is well balanced and not overly sweet.

Reactions from others are as yet few — the pastry is still fairly new, after all. But we won’t be surprised if it catches on. Silva, a pastry chef at Manhattan’s Union Fare, is cronut creator Dominique Ansel’s known rival when it comes to dessert innovations. Remember the cinnamon roll-stuffed donut? Yeah, you can thank Silva for that.

Your move, Ansel. And every other chef that wants to hop onto the birthday cake trend. What can we possibly expect to see next? Birthday cake bagels? We’d eat that. Birthday cake coffee? Seems sugary enough to excite Starbucks. Please, let’s stay far away from the birthday cake sushi, though.