You Won’t Believe These Black Friday Deals At Target (Because A Prankster Made Them Up)

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11.24.15 3 Comments


If you’re not already waiting in line, you’re doing Black Friday wrong.

This guy in Arizona built an entire tent-house, because he wants to be the “early, early, early bird [who] gets the biggest worm.” Hopefully the biggest worm isn’t a Star Wars Episode VII hot-dog blaster. Imgur user “obviousplant” put fake Black Friday fliers in his local Target, showcasing deals for sadly fictional products, like enchanted mayonnaise, racist printer, and a fanny pack filled with pudding. That one would come in handy while waiting in line.

Other unfortunately not-real items and deals:

-Invitation to Kyle’s bar mitzvah

-Tent with an angry possum in it

-Spend $75 or more, get a free falcon

-87 copies of Air Bud: Golden Receiver, a movie that inspired an IMDb reviewer to write, “This is without a doubt the WORST sequel I have ever seen, & I’ve seen plenty of them to make that conclusion. The plot is simply ridiculous. I can catch a ball & run around a field, too. Why can’t I play in the Superbowl?” Don’t listen to him. It’s a classic, and goes for only $149 on Black Friday. Or would, if it was real. Don’t play with my emotions, Imgur prankster.

(Via Imgur)

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