A Professional Bodybuilder Is Being Absolutely Savaged After Fat-Shaming A Woman At The Gym

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03.15.17 19 Comments


If there’s one thing we’ve learned in the past couple of months, it’s that it’s no longer to roll into the gym, have yourself a workout, and then mercilessly mock someone whose body you don’t like all over social media. That s*it has consequences, and as bodybuilder Diana Andrews has recently learned, fat-shaming people is no longer a chill thing to do. In fact, making fun of someone who’s just trying to better themselves through exercise? That’s going to cost you thousands of followers and a whole bunch of (well-deserved?) public ridicule.

The story is this: Earlier this month, Andrews went to the gym where she saw something that made her blood boil. No, it wasn’t someone not wiping down a machine after using it — the worst sin, even though paper towels soaked in anti-bacterial soap probably do nothing — or a gym bunny hogging three machines at one time. Instead, what Andrews saw was a woman using her phone while on the treadmill. Her phone. Is it rude and annoying to be chatting at the gym? Sure. Should you invite the person to stop or get a personal trainer involved in your dispute? If you feel like it. But you know what you shouldn’t do? Take pictures of the person, insinuate that they’re busy ordering multiple burgers to eat after their workout (which sounds delicious, so whatever) and then post a series of Instas that include shots of your victim’s backside and the words “love handles” happily emblazoned upon the image.

Guess which thing Andrews did. You’re right:

We don’t know what response Andrews was hoping for but what she got was anything but praise and gratitude. In fact, people came out in droves to make it clear that people like Andrews are exactly the reason that so many people who need to be at the gym aren’t.

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