These Boys Are Wearing Skirts To Protest Their School’s Dress Code And We Are Here For It


It’s been a week for dudes protesting ridiculous dress codes. First, a call center employee fought the powers that be by wearing a dress to work when he wasn’t allowed to wear shorts (the policy was subsequently changed) and now a few charming lads from Devon, England are taking on their school, which has refused them the option of wearing shorts even during a heat wave.

Vice reports that after male students at the Isca academy were told they had to don pants regardless of whether climate change is slowly killing the planet or not, they decided to follow the spirit of the law rather than the letter by showing up in uniforms acceptable for the female students. At first, only a few boys took part, but, as the administration began to take notice, more and more boys decided to join the revolution — especially after one boy was told to change his skirt because it was too short and another was cautioned for his hairy legs, per Devon Live. In order to avoid another such mishap, some boys have started shaving their legs.

While some of the teens are considering wearing the skirts even after the protests are over because they’re comfortable, there are some real health concerns, too. One student allegedly almost passed out due to having to wear full uniform while in the midst of all the heat. Here’s hoping that the boys get their shorts and that, as we continue rolling into the hottest days of the summer, administrators recognize that all students deserve the right to be cool regardless of gender (spoiler alert: wearing less in the heat gets female students in trouble, all the time).

So far, everyone has been super proud of the boys and you know what? So are we. Wear those skirts proud, dudes! Keep rocking that breeze!