Chef Brad Sorenson Talks About Creating Movie-Specific Menus For The Alamo Drafthouse

Features Writer

Heather Kennedy

A veteran chef of almost 20 years, for the past year-and-a-half Brad Sorenson has been responsible for creating custom menu items that accompany select films for The Alamo Drafthouse. For their latest feature, the Instagram stalker-comedy Ingrid Goes West, Sorenson designed two custom menus — a fast food-friendly selection of burgers and fries to reflect the character of Ingrid (Aubrey Plaza), and some trendier west coast fare to represent social media influencer Taylor (Elizabeth Olsen).

During a screening of Ingrid Goes West, we got to try a sampling of all six dishes offered, which ranged from green chili cheese and queso fries, smashed avocado toast, a quadruple-double cheeseburger, and a coconut-crusted avocado cashew mousse. While it was a plethora of flavors, they all worked together (even more than the two characters they represented), to create a fully-formed dining experience.

Afterwards, we had the chance to sit down with Sorenson about what goes into making his custom creations, as well as how his time at the Alamo Drafthouse has reshaped how he watches movies in his own time.

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