This Travel Photographer Slows Down To Take Pictures The Old Fashioned Way

03.20.17 12 months ago

Brian Park

Atacama Desert

Though Brian Park had always liked photography growing up, he actually wanted to major in film… at least at first. But when The University of Washington didn’t have a film program, he “settled” on photography. It was a second choice at the time, but a career that he’d end up becoming extremely passionate about.

“Obsession is kind of an overused word,” he explains, “but I wanted to learn more and more, I was learning as much as I could — beyond the darkroom with studio lighting and also, color film processing and printing.”

Soon, Park knew he’d found a career. He moved to New York after school and started out assisting fashion photographers. His early work traveling for shoots gave him a strong taste for travel photography. He would sneak off in his spare time to get as many photos as he could –inspiring him to take his own photography-based trips.

As his reputation grew, Park began to get his commissions and advertising work. His career took off from there. Now, he’s able to travel the world for a combination of personal passion projects and commercial ventures. Along the way, his diverse portfolio has continued to grow. He has an eye for landscape composition and his photos of nature have an architectural aspect that makes them unique in an image-driven world.

Shooting with a combination of cameras, Park makes sure to take the time on every trip to slow down and really take in the beauty of his surroundings. Then he uses film to capture the minute detail and undefinable “magic” of a spot. We spoke this week about his technique, craft, and passion for exploration.

Brian Park


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