Bud Light’s New Beer Glasses Are A Built In Drinking Game

09.07.17 9 months ago 4 Comments


Anheuser-Busch probably didn’t intend for this, but they just released the easiest sports drinking game ever. That’s because, to celebrate the 2017 NFL season, Bud Light is releasing pint glasses that light up when your favorite team scores a touchdown (as if you needed another reason to drink beer while watching football). As cool as this sounds aesthetically, the beer glasses are also perfectly suited to be made into a drinking game. Instead of just taking a drink to celebrate a big play or a touchdown, the cup will tell you that it’s time to get your drink on. You don’t even need to look up from your triple layer nachos.

The “Bud Light Touchdown Glass” will make its season debut tonight at Gillette Stadium during the New England Patriots game against the Kansas City Chiefs. Specially for this game, the glasses will light up blue when the Patriots score a touchdown (no love for the Chiefs?). But, they will also glow when the team gets its banner for winning Super Bowl LI. These special glasses will be controlled by a radio frequency inside the stadium.

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