This Burger King Anti-Bullying PSA Will Genuinely Shift Your Perspective

Burger King released an anti-bullying ad Tuesday that will make you think twice before you let bullying slide.

The short National Bullying Prevention Month PSA “Bullying Jr.” commercial pits a high school junior against a Whopper Jr. to see how many patrons would report their sandwich being “bullied,” or a little bit roughed up by one of the restaurant workers, yet ignore the plight of a real human who is experiencing similar treatment.

Customers were reasonably outraged by receiving “bullied” burgers and 95% of them reported their mishandled food to management, while a mere 12% of customers stood up to, or otherwise addressed the bully or the high school junior who was being bullied. Wait til you see the video to brush that off — the bullying being done (by actors) was pretty legit. The customers who stood up to the bully in the commercial commented on how they had been in the position of the boy who was being bullied before, and therefore were not willing to be passive as it happened.

Burger King did an amazing job of creating a social experiment to shed a light on how easy it is to ignore bullying and “mind our own business,” while making us realize that if someone (or in this case, something) that is important to us has to endure the same treatment, we wouldn’t stand for it.

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