Burger King’s First Restaurant In Belgium Kicks Off Its Existence By Angering A Real King

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Burger King is about to open its first restaurant in Belgium and is attempting to use the country’s royal family as a way to promote their debut. The problem is the restaurant didn’t ask for permission and now may have worn out their welcome before it even begins. If you visit the Burger King site for the country, you are greeted by a chance to vote for the monarch of your choice. Either you can side with Burger King and their fame-broiled policies or you can choose Belgium’s current monarch, King Philippe.

The king is represented by an artistic rendering seen below and voting for him prompts the site to ask the user, “Are you sure? He won’t be the one to cook your fries,” according to Mashable.

Burger King

As the BBC points out, this did not sit well with the monarchy and they relayed their displeasure through their spokesman:

“We disapprove of this approach,” royal spokesman Pierre Emmanuel de Bauw said…”Since it is for commercial purposes, we would not have given our authorisation.”

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