Here Are The Most Unimpressed Internet Reactions To Burger King’s Black Halloween Whopper

On Tuesday, Burger King released its much anticipated Halloween Black Whopper, which is so spooky that it couldn’t wait until October. A little backstory may be in order: Last year, Burger King released a Black Burger in Japan, and the bun was colored with squid ink. BK has not officially revealed how they concocted the black bun in the U.S. version, but rumor has it that blue and red dyes are the answer. A.1. sauce flavors the bun, which is covered with white sesame seeds.

Sadly, some internet users say their Black Whopper looks nothing close to what the advertisements promise. This is often the case with fast food, but for a product with built-in buzz, these are underwhelming results. This user also reports no distinct variation in taste between a regular Whopper and the Halloween version.

However, the quality of Black Whopper may vary between Burger Kings. This user seemed satisfied with the burger’s appearance and enjoyed the novelty effect.

The most important bit of information about the Black Whopper arrives courtesy of one fast-digesting Twitter user.

Reactions to the taste of the burger are mixed. On the positive side, Today sent a correspondent to test the product, and she reported the following reaction:

The black bun has the squishiness of a Martin potato roll and a tiny hint of black pepper that’s a good complement to the smoky charcoal-broiled burger, crunchy iceberg lettuce and creamy mayo. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but the addition of the A.1. sauce really brings out the umami flavors of the sandwich.

Twitter generally doesn’t want anything to do with the Black Whopper, and many tweeters expressed apprehension at the very thought of consuming this special edition.

Meanwhile, over on Instagram, we have some more photos of the Black Whopper (with reactions):

(Via New York Daily News & Today)