Burger King Is Testing More Drunk Food And You Have To Respect Where Their Heads Are At

The world may be a scary place, but at least we get to stuff our faces with the most fascinating fast food arms race in ages! It’s a decadent time to be alive. You’re welcome to gorge yourself on breakfast food at any time of day, every fast food joint can get fried chicken involved if you want and automated kiosks are coming in to let you binge without too much human contact shame. U mad, Caligula?

Fast food giant Burger King has been happily going the mad scientist route of late. They’ve blessed the planet with such daring creations as Mac-N-Cheetos Sticks, The Fully Meaty and the mighty Whopperrito. Their latest experiment combines burgers (makes sense) and Doritos (what, wait?) for the curiosity that is a steakhouse Doritos burger.

According to The Street, the new creation is comprised of “two meat patties smothered in American cheese and boasting not only the usual lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise but also a handful of regular-flavored Doritos.” We’re under the impression that “regular” is code for Nacho Cheese, but we can’t just pop down to a Burger King and check. Why? This rookie menu offering is currently only available in Spain. Provided those aren’t some sort of top secret Spanish Doritos that we don’t get over here, there’s a strong possibility you could fashion your own take with a simple drive-thru visit.

Presumably if this daring (read: drunk-friendly) offering is a major smash in Spain, it could come to our shores. Doritoo-stained fingers crossed.

(Via Consumerist & The Street)