This Disgruntled Burger King Employee Quit And Took All Of The Chicken Nuggets With Him

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01.26.16 11 Comments

The word “hero” gets bandied about all too often, if you ask me. It should only be applied in the most literal of instances, such as in the case of a person who rescues a child from a burning building, a soldier who leads his troops to safety, or this guy, who peaced-out from his crappy fast-food job and took all of the chicken nuggets with him (and don’t forget the guy who bought all the apple pies at Burger King when a kid pissed him off). Twitter user @johnalexcorrea posted the tweet Saturday claiming that it was his last day at Burger King, so nuggets for all! YOLO!

It’s highly unlikely that Burger King will be coming for the breaded-chicken booty, as Kelly Diamond over at Mashable points out that in all likelihood, this is probably like $5 worth of chicken nuggets. But that hasn’t stopped Twitter from lauding @johnalexcorrea as the hero he rightfully is.

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