Hold On To Your Butts, Because Burger King Is Getting Into The Hot Dog Business

Very few fast food chains aside from Sonic have been able to make the hot dog happen, but that’s exactly what Burger King is setting out to accomplish. On February 23, Burger King is rolling out what they’re calling the “Whopper of hot dogs” to all U.S. locations, which will come in two varieties: the Classic Grilled Hot Dog, topped with relish, chopped onions, ketchup, and mustard for $1.99, and a Chili Cheese Dog for $2.29. Although supposedly you can customize the dogs anyway you want, which is a relief as I have said time and time again that ketchup on a hot dog is trash.

Burger King’s president of North American operations Alex Macedo said of the new offering, which is the biggest change to the menu since Burger King added chicken in 1979, that “it’s so obvious.”

Before the launch, Burger King tested the hot dogs in select markets in five U.S. cities last year, which included a “Rodeo” option with onion rings, cheese, and BBQ sauce, as well as the “A1 Ultimate,” topped with bacon, cheese, and A1 Sauce — neither of which made the cut. According to Fortune, the company spent a year and a half perfecting a “product reminiscent of an outdoor barbecue,” with grill marks and everything. Whether or not they are actual grill marks or science lab “decoration” is unclear at this time.

But is America ready for fast food hot dogs? I’ll be the first to admit that I love a good hot dog, and that I have personally gone out of my way for anything from Pink’s or Papaya Dog to Jimmy John’s (not the imposter deli chain), a staple of southeastern Pennsylvania. But Burger King? Time will tell!

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