Burger King Is Now Joining Other Restaurants To Create The ‘Peace Burger’ On Peace Day

Burger King may have failed in its initial attempts to create a “McWhopper” with McDonald’s to celebrate Peace Day on September 21, but that doesn’t mean they’ve given up on filling bellies for world peace. And they’re now bringing some friends along.

After McDonald’s turned down the initial proposal, some other restaurants showed interest in teaming up with Burger King to create a one day only, pop-up restaurant to sell a “Peace Burger” featuring an item from every restaurant’s menu. That means that Denny’s, Wayback Burgers, Krystal, and Giraffas (which is a Brazilian fast food joint) will all tentatively be teaming up with Burger King to add their own spin to the “Peace Burger.”

The setting for this meeting of burger madness still seems to be Atlanta, and Burger King still seems to be creating their pop up restaurant either way. They’re sorta like Judah Friedlander in that Dave Matthews Band video, doling out hugs until people decided to come around.

They’ve even left the door open to McDonald’s to still join in, saying their initial proposal is on the table still. It would seem that McDonald’s doesn’t need to worry about world peace because they’ve just introduced all-day breakfast to a weary world, but maybe they’ll finally change their minds. No matter what happens, it would seem that Burger King did some good in raising awareness for a holiday that I doubt many knew existed (and probably shouldn’t, given the general concept behind it, meaning every day should be peace day).