A New Hampshire Couple Were Reportedly Caught Selling Weed Via A Burger King Code Order

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Sometimes it’s hard to live in New Hampshire in the winter. Snow up to your eyeballs, a lot of summer tourist businesses closed for the season, and in some neighborhoods not a neighbor in sight for miles and miles. So it only makes sense that kids will find their own fun wherever it can be found, and however it can be found. In the case of 19-year old Meagan Dearborn and 20-year old Garrett Norris, that fun didn’t come from getting out of the cold and playing Mario Kart in someone’s basement for hours on end or going down to the local indoor mini-golf course for a few rounds of putt putt. No, that would be too wholesome and easy.

Instead, Norris and Dearborn allegedly found a way to run a drug ring from inside a local Burger King franchise. According to reports, the pair were selling weed to customers who knew to ask for “extra crispy fries” with their order. Which had to be rough for that one grandmother who stops by for her normal treat-your-self burger once a Friday and just happens to like her french fries extra crunchy. Reportedly, an undercover cop went to the Burger King from which they were running this jig and busted them after his order for extra crispy fries came with a coffee cup full of weed.

Now, anybody who knows what New Hampshire is like (especially rural New Hampshire, which is basically the Florida of the North) knows that in a town of just 6,144 like Epping you can’t even make out with someone after a high school dance without the entire town knowing about it by the next morning. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise at all that this little venture failed to fly under the radar for too long.

What makes it even better is Norris’ nickname is apparently “Nasty Boy” which isn’t exactly a nickname for someone completely innocent and trustworthy. Both Dearborn and “Nasty Boy” will be arraigned next month, but from the looks of the evidence against them they should start drafting plans now for some sort of weed operation that would work in prison.

(via Vice)