Burger King Is Waging A Wonderfully Petty Beef Over Some Spicy Chicken

This week we have witnessed the death of common decency in the fast food world. The murderer: Burger King. The crime: trying to introduce a beloved fast food item that has recently been taken off the menu by Wendy’s: The spicy chicken nugget.

As if the sting of losing Wendy’s spicy chicken nugget isn’t still fresh, Burger King is coming right for the redhead’s throat by offering a 10-piece limited time run of their version of the nugget for $1.49.

But the feast food war gets even more petty! They’re also promoting Tweets in which users complain about the loss of the Wendy’s nug.

The royal burger chain is clearly leaving no room for confusion when announcing the nugget’s arrival. The company took out a full page ad in the Miami Herald about the new menu item (above), advertising that it would give free spicy nuggets to anyone in Miami whose name is actually Wendy for one day.

What caused the feud between the fast food chains is unclear. All we know is that Burger King President Alex Macedo told Business Insider they noticed how badly people missed the Wendy’s menu item and jumped on offering it from their own menu before anyone else did. Wendy’s claimed there was low demand for the nuggets, but most of us around the Uproxx office feel like our college years alone provided at least a couple million dollars in revenue for the company. Part of us wonders if this isn’t exactly what Wendy’s gets for trying to slide our favorite drunk food off the menu while we weren’t looking, but this type of attack is far too savage to blame even on karma.

We’re not gonna say whether or not we plan to try Burger King’s attempt at post-club fare, but if we do, we’ll be sure to pour out a bit of Dr. Pepper for the spicy homie who couldn’t be there.