The First Burning Man Photos Reveal The Calm Before The (Dust) Storm

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A few cool shots from today. #onassignment #burningman

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The Burn has begun. “The Playa” which has been a flat, dry desert wasteland for about eleven months now, has transformed. The tents are up. The luxury camps are built. The art is installed. Will Smith and James Corden have landed.

Now it’s time for the mischief. From August 27-September 4, Black Rock City will be home to the biggest, wildest party on earth — punctuated by inevitable dust storms. When the dust finally settles, there will be hundreds of FOMO-inducing pictures. Hashtags on hashtags. So many photos, in fact, that we traditionally run multiple roundups post-Burn.

For now, all we have are the early glimpses into the mystery and majesty that is Burning Man: the giant structures, the desolate landscapes, the car lines, the outfits, the tickets, and the scores of boundless dreamers. Looking at these images, a theme emerges: Potential. Burning Man is one of the few festivals on earth that has potential to be reckless fun and genuinely important in the lives of its residents. Say what you will about the burners. Mock them if you must. But know this: 70,000 people have ventured into the desert with hopes of connecting with something meaningful. And to party.

Those are both pursuits we are eager to celebrate.

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Burning Man

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Dust bowl. #burningman2017hereicome

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The dust is calling

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Riding HMR3 today as rope rescue tech. #burningman

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