This Cat Escaped Its London Home In 2007 And Showed Up In Paris Eight Years Later

07.28.16 3 years ago

Regardless of your pet partisanship, it’s hard not to appreciate when our furry friends overcome somewhat tragic circumstances in miraculous ways. Like this little cutie who survived a 12-mile ride in a running car engine. Or this poor guy, covered in blue spray paint, who was shot in the head and left to rot behind his owner’s car. But it’s not always at the mercy of horrible people that our pets are forced to prove their resilience; sometimes they just escape and go on a road trip.

Meet Moon Unit the cat, whose curiosity evidently got the best of her. Presumably named after Moon Unit Zappa, daughter of musician Frank Zappa, Moon Unit the cat slipped out the door while her parents Marna Gillian and Sean Purdy hosted a New Year’s Eve party back in 2007. The couple spent ages searching London for her, but when leafletting, posters, and phone calls left them empty-handed, they eventually gave up. Then last month they received a very surprising email.

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