New Study Confirms Everything You Ever Suspected About Dog People Vs. Cat People


You may have never said it out loud, but you’ve always thought it. Cat people are… different. Not in a bad way, just… Maybe a little in their own heads? Maybe a little quirkier? It’s hard to put your finger on. Luckily, science has your back on this one. Cat people are, in fact, different from dog people.

Researchers at Manhattanville College surveyed 263 participants for their take on pet ownership. As it turns out, “Dog owners scored higher in well-being than cat owners on all well-being measures,” the study authors said. The study goes on to explain that dog owners have the edge in everything except openness:

Dog owners were significantly more conscientious and less neurotic than cat owners. Dog owners were marginally more extroverted and agreeable than cat owners. There were no differences in openness between cat and dog owners.

Interestingly enough, Although these two groups may not see eye to eye, the study goes on to show that pet owners overall were more satisfied with life than non pet owners. So, say what you will about the cat lady down the street. She might be neurotic as hell, but she’s got a better worldview than your no-pet-having self.


(source: Boston CBS)