RIP: Cecil The Lion’s Brother Jericho Has Been Found Dead

Back in the summer of 2015 (a simpler time), the internet took up the cause of Cecil, a lion in Zimbabwe that was killed by an American dentist named Walter Palmer. An online war was waged, Palmer’s business was ruined, and important conversations surrounding what were and were not valuable conservation methods were had. All in all, it was a deeply troubling situation, although the media firestorm was a bit outsized. As it usually happens with these things, everyone promptly forgot about poor Cecil, moving on to the next outrageous thing, like Harambe (RIP).

Still, some Cecil fans took refuge in the fact that his brother, Jericho (badass name), still roamed free. However, it was sadly reported today that Jericho was found dead in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park due to natural causes. The Daily Mail reports that the lion passed away a year after his brother made international headlines. According to reports, his remains were found on a routine check on the park’s lion population, and all signs point to the lion being at rest when he died. Jericho’s head was taken back to Hwange’s base, removing the allure for trophy hunters, and the rest of him was buried on site.

Such is the circle of life, people.

(Via The Daily Mail)