This Chef To The Stars Wants You To Explore Your Connection With Food

05.15.17 11 months ago

Vikki Krinsky

Many of us wish that we could live the life of a celebrity. There are about a million perks we would kill for — from free clothes to private planes — but one of the biggest, for me, is having someone to cook me every meal. It only took me about a minute of talking to celebrity chef, Vikki Krinsky, before I was whining that I wanted her services too. Vikki, who’s currently the personal chef for Seth MacFarlane, told me how she sneaks healthy foods and vegetables into comfort and junk food for her clients.

“I want that,” I interrupted. “And I need it, I’m pregnant!”

I hoped Vikki might quit her job with the Family Guy creator and come work for me pro-bono out of pity, but no such luck. She congratulated me, and reminded me to up my daily spinach intake. She didn’t even want to hear about my perk package — which would have involved complimentary cat snuggles and all the Netflix she could watch.

As a high demand celebrity chef, Vikki has worked for Tobey Maguire, Kathryn Heigl, and Reese Witherspoon, but she’s been consistently with MacFarlane for the past seven years. She’s at his house, office, or on set six days a week cooking breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Her schedule is constantly at the mercy of his life, and flexibility is crucial.

As a chef, Vikki is known for her extraordinary cooking combined with her vast knowledge of nutrition and exercise. She’s the go to for celebs who want to lose weight and get healthier without starving themselves. She understands her clients’ needs and insecurities surrounding food because she’s been there herself. Krinsky was a television actress as a teenager, and her experience of Hollywood’s obsession with body image left her miserable. Depressed and unhappy with the idea of having to focus mostly on her body for the rest of her career, Krinsky quit the business.

Vikki Krinsky

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