Cheerios Is Under Fire For Giving Away Billions Of Invasive Wildflower Seeds

03.20.17 2 years ago


As you probably remember, Buzz, the Cheerio mascot, kind of went missing last week. His disappearance is part of General Mills’ campaign to raise awareness about the dwindling population of bees. In addition to extracting Buzz from boxes, General Mills also has plans for a 3,300 acre bee habitat. The company claims that 30 percent of their ingredients are pollinated by bees and they’re hoping consumers will join them in attempting to combat the disappearing bee population. Unfortunately, they’ve made a pretty big mistake.

As part of the #bringbackthebees campaign, Cheerios pledged to give away 200 million wildflower seeds to anyone who signed up on their website.

A mere seven days after the campaign was announced, the General Mills blog shared that 1.5 BILLION wildflower seeds were due to be distributed in the U.S. and Canada. They could hardly bee-lieve it!

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