Cultural Wasteland New York City Finally Gets A Cheesecake Factory

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For far too long, New York City has been the laughingstock of the entire nation. Allegedly home to some of this nation’s most important people, the city that never sleeps also has one embarrassing flaw: it’s got no Cheesecake Factory. You might be surprised that a city so full of life (as well as Chipotles and McDonald’s) would be missing out on the culinary delights that “the Factory” (what those in the know call it) offers, but it’s true. There are native New Yorkers, people who have lived in the five boroughs their entire lives, who may have never known the joy of a good slice of OREO Dream Extreme. But that’s all about to change.

Gothamist reports that the newest addition to the Cheesecake Factory family will make its blushing debut at Elmhurst’s Queens Center mall and will feature room for approximately 230 guests (assuring that New Yorkers will get to experience the restaurant’s authentic wait times, which are somewhat reminiscent of popular descriptions of purgatory). In related news, Elmhurst is about to become a celebrity sighting Mecca — because famous people can’t stay away from the popular chain. Anyone showing up in the first few days of the eatery’s launch is likely to have a star encounter. FirstWeFeast even has a whole list of celebrities who love the restaurant, including J.Cole… who adores it so much he wanted to open one:

Apparently, J. Cole is a big fan of fruity drinks. In particular, he loves himself a Mai Tai from Cheesecake Factory, so much so that he told New York Magazine that he wanted to open a Cheesecake Factory in New York City because “we need to get one.” He looked into franchising, but apparently CF doesn’t buy into that business model. He’ll just have to become an employee and work his way up.

But aside from all those celebrity endorsements (Amber Rose and Plies are also huge fans), there are several important reasons why everyone–even New Yorkers, who have rainbow donuts and bagels to keep them happy–should enjoy a trip to the Cheesecake Factory at least once:

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