The Cheetos Pop-Up Restaurant Hitting NYC Looks Equal Parts Crazy And Delicious

Cheetos are a mutant orange snack blessing, sent down from junk food heaven to make the human struggle just a tad more bearable. They’re also a strangely-textured amalgam that are most commonly shoveled into your face while watching Deadly Women reruns (I might be projecting here). In a bid to give off a slightly more sophisticated image, the brand is going gourmet with their cheese curl brand for a few days.

Steady your nerves for the culinary curiosity that is The Spotted Cheetah. New York City will play host to this pop-up restaurant (from August 15-17), with Food Network star Anne Burrell taking on the role of chef at the limited time eatery. Menu items include Purrfectly Fried Green Tomatoes, Cheetos Mix-ups Crusted Chicken Milanese, and Cheetos Sweetos Crusted Cheesecake. It sounds a little strange on paper, but the shots of the Cheetos cuisine are ridiculously tempting. Especially considering that you’ll probably be allowed to choose something other than Cheeto Juice or cheetah blood as your beverage.

If you’re game to hoover up Cheeto-style crepes and grilled cheese, The Spotted Cheetah (not a niche strip club) is taking reservations. Warning: You may need to bring Wet Naps if you have to go somewhere fancy after. Cheeto dust is still scorned in high society… for now.