Cheetos Will Give You $55,000 If You Have The Strangest Cheeto Shape

Cheetos has some fantastic news for imaginative young’uns and stoned binge watchers alike. That cheese puff you’re wolfing down could score you $50,000 or more. It can also go in your stomach too. We don’t judge. Chester Cheetah is a tempting snack mistress.

The orange snack that’s ruined couch upholstery worldwide is holding a contest celebrating hidden art in Cheetos. Folks finding beauty inside the bag can upload a picture to the Cheetos Museum. Winning weekly submissions earn $5,000 and those champions of cheesy beauty will battle it out for the overall $50,000 prize (so you’d win $55k in total).

If this all sounds awfully familiar, it’s because Cheetos ran a similar contest before. Frankly, why wouldn’t Cheetos want to trot this out every summer? Just put money up for grabs and reap the social media exposure benefits. And, uh, art or something?

The results have been pretty snazzy so far, although you might need to give it the ol’ Magic Eye glare (ask your parents) to see what the submitters see. Well, aside from the angry Marge Simpson Cheeto. There’s no universe where you can unsee that. The overall champion will be enshrined at the Times Square Ripley’s Believe It or Not! in New York City.

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