Chefs Tell Us The Best Gifts To Buy For The Cook In Your Life

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12.07.17 3 Comments


If you have someone in your life who likes to Salt Bae it up (by which we mean creating culinary delights, not LARPing Castro), helping them explore their chefiness is a natural fit for gift giving. People love getting tools and resources that better help them explore their hobbies and careers. Well, except for me. I have enough journals, thank you; I am actually jonesing for a custom mid-century gravel portrait of my cat, Harriet Jane Cornchip. However, the people in your life are probably normal, so stick with the hobby/profession concept and ignore longings.

Now, it’s one thing to know that you want to buy a perfect chef gift, but there are millions of things that are appropriate, and that’s straight panic-inducing. That blind shopping terror is how people end up buying melon ballers and corn on the cob holders. We don’t want you to be the victim of a cyber shopping induced stress disorder, so we went straight to experts of the dining world and asked them to name the ideal present for a chef. And, we paired every gift with a link to a product that matches. In one click, you can have the best present under the chef-in-your-life’s tree.

Spoiler: chefs like knives.

Taylor Kearney — Executive Chef, DISH (Dallas, TX)


Books. If I am going to give someone a gift for their kitchen, it’s going to be one they can learn from. I hate the thought of giving someone a kitchen tool they will never use. But giving someone a gift they can learn from never goes unappreciated.

If the cook in your life doesn’t have Joy of Cooking, they need it. Pick up the classic for $23.18.


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