This Chef’s Conservation Efforts Are Helping Save Our World’s Oceans

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Growing up, we were told there were “always other fish in the sea” — a tidy little metaphor to explain the power of choice. But that trite cliche may not hold water for long: studies say that at the rate we’re consuming fish there will be none left as soon as 2050. It’s a frightening statistic, one that Chef Rob Ruiz is determined to change.

The San Diego chef, ocean activist, and 2016 winner of the Ocean Award for his work saving the Vaquita Porpoise, has become a world leader in seafood conservation and sustainable, ethical consumption. And Ruiz’ popular San Diego eatery, The Land & Water Co., is known for being on the forefront of sustainable seafood and ethical eating.

“We bake our own breads, and we make everything here in house,” Ruiz says. “Every sauce, every grain of rice, everything is made from scratch here in the building.”

When preparing fish, they waste nothing. “We utilize the entire creature — we don’t just take the filets off and throw it away.”

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