Chick-Fil-A Will Give You Free Ice Cream If You’ll Just Put Your Stupid Phone Down For Five Minutes

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03.02.16 3 Comments


We get it. You are very important. The planet faces imminent danger if you’re not available to return texts. Your @mentions NEED to be responded to. Also, this Chick-Fil-A is exotic and new and your Instagram followers crave evidence that you’ve eaten there, lest they question you later and you can’t come up with a receipt for your waffle fries.

Except here’s the thing: maybe not. Maybe you can just chill a little and eat your sandwich and talk about how together everyone feels eating their fast food chicken (which may or may not come with a less delicious side order of bigotry). But maybe you need motivation to put down your phone. Some kind of reward, perhaps? If that’s the case, more than 150 Chick-Fil-As are happy to accommodate you and your family with a “cell phone coop” in which you can incubate your iPhones until they turn into an ice cream cone.

Here’s what one looks like:

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