The BeyHive Is Swarming Chick-fil-A For Boldly Declaring Their Lemonade ‘Fresher Than Beyonce’s’

Becky can breathe a little better now because Beyonce’s legion of overzealous fans have a new target they’re relentlessly pestering on social media: Chick-fil-A.

The US chicken restaraunt thought it would be economically effective to hop on Beyonce’s Lemonade train and gain some free publicity and sales. After all, it worked for Red Lobster. The seafood eatery credited Beyonce’s name drop in “Formation” with a 33% hike in sales. With that kind of boost, Chik-fil-a couldn’t resist comparing their citrus drink to Queen Bey’s history-making album. Now many Chick-fil-A’s around the nation are putting up blasphemous “LEMONADE FRESHER THAN BEYONCE’S” signs that are leaving the BeyHive foaming at the mouth with rage. And we all know what happens when The BeyHive has been poked. Bee emojis as far as the eye can see! Oh the sheer madness!

Chickfila lemonade reaction

Chickfila lemonade reaction 2

Chickfila lemonade reaction 3

Chickfila lemonade reaction 4

Even though the BeyHive are upset at Chik-fil-A’s bold declaration, some fans do agree with the eatery’s claim. “I think Chick-fil-a put crack in their lemonade,” tweeted a diner. “Sh*t is so good.” Another called Beyonce’s fans petty, writing, “I can’t lie, @ChickfilA’s lemonade is GOOD AF!!! The BEYHIVE is so petty.”

I haven’t had Chick-fil-A’s lemonade, but Beyonce’s album was pretty delicious.