These Awesome Chicken Shop Reviews Are The Best Thing About 2016

Life & Culture Editor


It’s Friday, it’s cold as hell, and there’s still two weeks until we all get to take a few days off to celebrate Christmas (or whatever you celebrate) and argue with our families about everything from the election to why you still haven’t gotten that promotion when the children of everyone your parents know have somehow managed to become multi-millionaires with perfect families and gleaming f*cking teeth. If there was any time more perfect to say Bah!Humbug! and write this year off as a great big disappointment, we don’t know it.

But don’t go home and pass out just yet! There’s one thing you’ve got to check out before you descend back into your fortress of solitude. It’s Elijah Quashie, 23, who reviews chicken shops on YouTube, and he’s been going viral for the best reason: His reviews are hilarious, his attitude is infectious, and while it’s not fair her has to carry this on his shoulders, he really is the best thing about 2016. Don’t believe it? He goes by the name Chicken Connoisseur. That change things for you?

“Okay, but why?” You may still be asking. We could explain, but why don’t you check out a video for yourself first?

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