Chick-Fil-A’s Position On Gay Marriage Didn’t Stop Them From Passing Out Free Food To Orlando Blood Donors

Chick-fil-A is known for three things: delicious chicken sandwiches, regressive views on gay rights, and being closed on Sundays. Orlando-area locations of the fast food chain flew in the face of two of those following the tragic shooting at Pulses nightclub that left 49 people dead and scores more injured. Several different Chick-fil-A restaurants made the decision to fire up the grills on the Sabbath and feed people waiting in long lines to donate blood.

Employees of the Atlanta-based restaurant chain were seen distributing sandwiches and iced tea to both donors at area blood banks and first responders who were working at the scene of the shooting. Chick-fil-A could not confirm the number of restaurants that participated, which makes it all the more likely that the decision was made at the individual store level.

Facebook pages for a few different Chick-fil-A locations showed employees coming in on their off day to cook up and distribute free food. The location that serves the area around the University of Central Florida also posted an image of the flag at half-staff and their road sign which read “Pray For Orlando. God Bless The USA.” They explained their decision to open in the comments of that post.

“Our restaurant, along with a couple of others in the area, simply responded just like numerous other Orlando businesses and residents have done — we came together as a community to lift those in need,” they wrote.

This move on the part of local Chick-fil-A is one of many ways that Orlando’s citizens and businesses are stepping up to deal with this tragedy. A GoFundMe started for the victims has raised an astonishing amount of money and blood donations (like this viral one shared by a local Muslim man) are ongoing.

(Via Fox 5)