Let This 11-Year Old Who Just Graduated From College Make You Feel Bad About Yourself

See that kid in the above video? His name is Tanishq Abraham, and he’s better than you. No, really. He is. He’s like super, duper, infinite smart.

The video you see here was filmed over a year ago for Lifetime, but that was then, when Abraham was a 10-year old college student. Today? Abraham is a college graduate, excelling in his fields of study with associate degrees in math and physical sciences, general science, and foreign language studies from American River College. Because, what good is all those smarts if you can’t relay information in several different languages? Sheesh, kid. Slow down.

Anyway, Abraham has always been this smart. Hailing from Sacramento, he was on the TV show Child Genius, became a member of the smarty group MENSA at age four, and will likely still be a teenager when he gets his doctorate.

“I like to learn,” he told FOX40. “So I just followed my passion of learning, and that’s how I ended up here.”

Remember when your loved ones told you that it’s never too late to start that something that you’ve always been putting off? Well, when you do finally start that “something,” this kid’ll be a doctor. So, yeah, you’re old.

Also, humanity is kind of awesome. Congrats, kid.

(via FOX40/Business Insider)