Chipotle Set Up A Way To Check If Your Credit Card Was Compromised By Their Recent Malware Attack

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Chipotle announced last month that their point of sale system in both their Chipotle and Pizzeria Locale restaurants were hit with a piece of malware that may have stolen the credit card information from thousands of customers. Now, you can find out if you were affected, and if you were, what you can do about it, because if you paid via credit card at a Chipotle or Pizzeria Locale between March 24th and April 18th, 2017, your credit card could be compromised.

What Chipotle has done for customers is actually pretty decent, since all they have to do is simply tell customers of a data breach — they set up an exhaustive website that will allow customers to look up Chipotle/Pizzeria Locale locations that were affected (all 2,200+ of them), and steps their customers can take to combat identity theft.

The site explains how customers can check their credit scores for free, where to do it, and in general details plenty of things anyone should know in this digital day in age. It’s quite handy, just unfortunate it stems from a data breach such as this.

You can visit the Chipotle page here, and the Pizzeria Locale page here. The store locator that checks if your restaurant was affected by the malware attack is located at the bottom of the post. Use it!

(Via Lifehacker)